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Dodge City Community College is a comprehensive community college, operating with an open-door admissions policy within Ford County, Kansas, and a nine-county service region. The college is governed by a locally elected board of trustees and is responsible to the community it serves and to the state of Kansas.

Dodge City Community College recognizes the existence of individual learning styles and is committed to providing quality instructional programs, student support services, and affordable lifelong learning opportunities. The college challenges students to initiate and maintain academic, vocational-technical, physical, spiritual, social, and personal growth.

The mission of Dodge City Community College is to provide challenging and diverse opportunities for the pursuit of learning and to enhance personal and community development in a responsible, accessible, learner-centered environment.

Dodge City
DC3 Flight Instruction Pilot Brochure
DC3 FIP AAS 64 Credit Hour Sheet SUMMER
Dodge City

Ryan Ausmus
Dean of Workforce Development
Title V Program Manager
(620) 227-9269

Gordon Jiroux
President of Universal Helicopters
(602) 469-2258

Deanna Kaspor
Director of VA Compliance
(480) 664-1229

Extension Locations:
Scottsdale, AZ • (480) 664-1229
Prescott, AZ • (928) 777-4236
Provo, UT • (801) 377-0055

For further information about Universal Helicopters and the Flight Training program contact Gordon Jiroux at (602) 469-2258.

Dodge City Community College